Sonnia Jewellery Design, Valuable from Nature

In the world of shoes and leather accessories Kuntner is a synonym for luxury, elegance and crafts. That is why we decided to present in our shop new accessories which also reflect these values: the jewels of Sonnia Jewellery Design. Single pieces, exclusively handmade by the skilled hands of Sonnia Dettmer, they are unique in the combination of materials and colors. Her creations reflect all the breadth of ideas from different cultures, collected by the artist during her visits to Japan, USA, England and Spain. Coral, various types of beads and shells are combined with mother-of-pearl, lapis lazuli and onyx to become necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a refined and sensual way. Jewels which reflect the preciousness of nature through unique handmade goldsmith. Certainly a very fascinating gift idea for Christmas.

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Emanuela Caruso Capri: The light of a precious craftsmanship

Based on a strong tradition, always unique and even more precious for its strong creativity and the constant pursuit of innovation: These are the features of the Jewel­ bags of Emanuela Caruso Capri, handmade by the most experienced and best­known artisans from Campania. Each bag narrates from the soul of the designer and the vintage atmosphere, and this makes the creations unique and personal. Your valuable brand was created under the sky of Capri, home island and Muse, and became in a few years a symbol of glamor and sophistication. From the revision of the classic Capri sandals which become elegant shoes, full of personality and charm, to the new bag collections, Emanuela Caruso knows how to transform her emotions into pure creativity. Therefore Kunter dedicated a special place for her genuine little masterpieces of craftsmanship, made entirely by hand. Very precious pelt, colorful and unexpected shades, furs and jewels in retro style with references to ancient brooches and earrings, these are the marks of a unique collection that will brighten your celebrations.

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Fall/Winter 2015-2016

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The Ambience

The Kuntner family, who has been working for years in the shoe industry in South Tyrol, is now being represented in the business by its second generation.
Thanks to the unique experience and innovative strength of this family, which picks up all new ideas and trends of Italian and international fashion world, the name Kuntner is an important landmark when it comes to the most famous brands of the world of shoes, accessories and small leather goods.
Along with the renovation and renewing of the shop, there are new showrooms on the second floor, which welcome the customers in an exclusive atmosphere of frescoes and decoration from the 14th century.
In his unique atmosphere the shopping experience becomes unforgettable for people looking for style, beauty, skills, creativity and originality of the most famous Italian and international fashion labels in the shoes, accessories and small leather goods industry.
All this combined with a wide variety and a perfect balance between modernity, high quality and functionality distinguishes the shopping experience at the family Kunter.

The Details

It’s the details, their quality, sophistication and uniqueness what marks the designers we present in our shop. The Italian shoe fashion is world famous precisely for its absolute high level of products, the craftsmanship and creativity, and that’s what differentiates it from the rest. That’s why we choose for years shoes, bags and accessories which reflect this style in the best way and internalize the ability to innovate, keeping the same quality and production.
For every season we offer preview of the latest trends which surely and in the best way represent the current fashion, always combined with elegance and comfort. A concept of the current and modern style is reflected in all varieties: from haute couture through prêt à porter to trendy leisure outfit.

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